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You've got a scratch or big ding in the paint of your bicycle or grill and want to make sure that it is contained to prevent rust and remain attractive. Be aware that it most likely is not paint but instead a process/product called powder coat. Below are a few quick tips on how to repair the scratch, ding, or flaking of your powder coating.

Many manufacturers of metal products have switched to powder coat instead of paint. It is more economical, more environmentally friendly, and lighter weight than paint. It can be found in many industries from bike carriers, to grills, to trailers, and many many more. It is made by using a polymer that is adhered to metal via an electrostatic means and then melted by baking. The baking process creates a coat around the object it is placed on and is much more durable than paint.The first possible way to repair it is by taking your item to a professional powder coater. You can find the closest one to you by using any search engine (Google,Bing. Etc). This way of repair is probably the most expensive, but the most viable for larger repairs.


You could use a good urethane auto paint such as Concept or other products. This will give you a good seal and is very durable. The price is cheaper than taking it to a re-finisher but not the most economical. This process is good for moderate and possibly larger damaged areas. Another drawback is that it is very difficult to match colors.

A great resource for repairs is get some automotive touch up paint. You can find this in many places such as here in the United States, Wal-Mart or Auto Zone. This is a fairly inexpensive option and great for small amounts of damage such as scratches and small dings. Use this for anything smaller than a quarter in size. The one drawback on this option is that much like urethane it is very difficult to match colors and shades.

Last but not least is the most available and economical option of all. Grab a bottle of nail polish from your local discount store to quickly cover up any nicks and or dings. The best thing about this option (besides being the cheapest) is the availability of shades and colors. You may have to visit many stores before finding the right one but with the sheer number of makes and colors offered you most likely will find a match.

Regardless of which self repair method you choose you still must prep the area. Removing corrosion and dirt are a must. By using one of these methods you are sure to save your product, it's remaining coat, and quite possibly a few bucks to boot!

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